Mahesh to come up as Gangster !

‘Gangster’ in the role of a hero is not something we see regularly in Telugu movies. Sources are saying that Superstar Mahesh is showing enormous interest in one such role and for one such director.
While Puri portrayed him as ‘Surya Bhai’ in Businessman, the movie is not so stylish and will not give you a Hollywood feel. Recently, director Chakri Toleti made ‘David Billa’ that looks extremely stylish and Hollywood kind. Superstar is thinking that if Chakri executes a stunning ‘mafia’ script made by prominent writers here, then he will get both commercial success and Hollywood kind of movie. Responding on these reports, director Chakri says, ‘I’ve met Mahesh to discuss about projects, but nothing is finalized for now’. There are all chances for Mahesh to come up with a ‘gangster’ movie in this combo.
Stylish films always require lavish budgets which in turn might not work for Telugu Box Office, as we have seen Billa, Panjaa and now David Billa. Let us see if it works for Mahesh!