Mahesh’s domination upsets Venky fans

From the very beginning of the multi-starrer project ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’, the fans of victory Venkatesh are miffed with the fact that superstar Mahesh Babu is stealing all the lime light. Adding to Venky fans misery, Producer Dil Raju (who is known for his business acumen) has planned to unveil the first look of the film on May 31st. This particular date May 31 have a specific importance – it’s superstar Krishna’s birthday.
Some times the fans of Venkatesh get a doubt, ‘Is their hero playing a character actor role in Mahesh’s film?’ “The makers of SVSC aren’t giving due respect to our hero, who is much senior to Mahesh Babu in the Industry. All they need is money,” says a die-hard Venky fan.
Although Venky fans were upset with the decision, the trade analysts say it’s a right move by the producer to cash in on the popularity of Mahesh Babu. “Undoubtedly, Mahesh Babu is bigger than any other star in the Industry. What’s wrong if the makers use his popularity in a right way? Ultimately, it helps the film,” says a trade pundit.
A multi-starrer film in a hero-driven Industry like Tollywood is never gonna be easy, as several external factors come into play. Let’s see, how Dil Raju handles it!