Mahesh’s Film A Political Satire On Pawan Kalyan?

While he might have succeeded as a critic, ripping many films apart and making critical comments of actors and directors, he hasn’t scored a brownie till date as a filmmaker. And now, he wants to prove that he’s capable of riding two boats at once it seems.

Talk in Film Nagar is that self-made controversial critic Mahesh Kathi is coming up with a political satire movie very soon. Basing on the kind of political talks he’s indulging these days, naturally, a doubt arises if his satire deals with targeting Pawan Kalyan first hand. And a rumour in Film Nagar reveals a stunning planning behind this director.

For a long time, Mahesh Kathi has this association with YSR Congress folks and his political inclination towards YS Jagan could be observed in his talks as well. Reportedly a big Reddy from Tollywood is said to be getting funds from a popular YSR Congress leader to invest in this project. If that is happening, definitely the film will be pro-Jagan and anti-Pawan in many aspects.

However, both Kathi and his associates are maintaining that the film is a satire on contemporary politics but will not deal with any present-day politician. Of course, every filmmaker says the same, but typically, they will insert scenes where a cinema hero tries to get into politics. Seems like for 2019 General Election, every critic, filmmaker, politician and those with loud mouth are preparing their weapons this way, all in the name of better society.