Maine Pyar Kiya Review – 2.5/5


Movie : Maine Pyar Kiya

Rating : 2.5/5

Cast: Pradeep Betno, Isha Talwar, Satyadev, Komal Jha, Madhumitha, Posani Krishna Murali, Viva Harsha etc

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Pradeep Maadugula

Music: V Pradeep Kumar

Camera: Vishweshwar S V

Editing: GV Chandrasekhar

Date: 20-06-2014

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Maine Pyar Kiya Review

Movie Story

Naveen (Pradeep Ryan) is a software employee flirts with every girl but fails to woo stunning HR Manager (Komal Jha) in the office. A new girl Shalini (Isha Talwar) joins the office is surprisingly his childhood classmate. Owing to bitter past, Naveen keeps his identity under wraps and develops fresh and romantic relationship with Shalini. When the girl makes a decision to accept his love, she gets to know the truth about Naveen. The flashback episode of Shalini’s uncle (Satyadev) and his love interest (Madhumitha) forms the major crux of the film.

Movie Advantages

1. Flashback episodes

2. Satyadev performance

3. Vishweshwar S V cinematography

4. Isha Talwar, Komal Jha glamour

5. Few comedy scenes

Movie Drawbacks

1. Ordinary story

2. Boring First Half

3. Pathetic climax

4. Posani torturous episodes

5. Comedians wasted


Director Pradeep Maadugula picked a regular story, although he should have worked more on screenplay of first half which runs at dead slow pace. However his treatment in second half is fascinating. He dealt the flashback episodes persuasively. You need to wait patiently till the end of first half to experience retro romance in second half. Then real torture starts when Posani Krishna Murali enters as gay. His episodes were misfired and spoiled the smooth journey in second half.

Satyadev is surprising factor as he performed like a well matured artist as young guy and as middle age man. He will have bright future if he picks challenging roles like what he got in the movie. Madhumitha was appealing and got good, short role. Pradeep Betno and Isha Talwar are pretty average. While Pradeep Betno gave odd expressions and didn’t bother of delivering dialogues rightly, Isha Talwar was mostly seen with same expression throughout the movie. She got a very brief role.

Komal Jha was glamorous and comedian Venu provided little laughs. Other artists like Posani, Viva Harsha were wasted completely.Vishweshwar S V cinematography is major asset while V Pradeep Kumar’s songs and background score were middling. Production values were decent.

Overall, Maine Pyar Kiya is not a worth watch movie in theaters.

Movie Result: Flop

Movie Punchline (Movie Talk): You Won’t Love This Movie