Malaika Arora out? Nathalia Kaur in for Gabbar Singh

Our readers are aware that Malaika Arora will be shaking legs with Pawan Kalyan in the famous item song of Gabbar Singh. However, reports are in that Nathalia Kaur who danced for the ‘Dan Dan’ song in RGV’s Department had replaced Malaika in the song. An interview of Nathalia in The Hindu Newspaper on Saturday conformed the same.
Here is the exact transcript from the interview
“Does she feel any pressure doing Gabbar Singh, as Munni has been a huge hit and any expectation would be to normally cross it? “I was approached for Gabbar Singh after they noticed me in Dan Dan song from Department. They liked me in it and wanted me to do this dance number in their movie. There is no pressure at all. I believe in my work and I’m focused. I always set a goal for myself and I am not satisfied till I achieve it. Sometimes the road is easy and smooth, sometimes hard,” she says.”
We have tried to get in touch with Gabbar Singh director but could not reach him.