Mallu Film Claims Baahubali-Standard VFX!

Many high budget films, mainly focusing on historical subjects and extensive visual effects, have been announced after witnessing the sensational box office run of Baahubali. Afresh, surprising many, the makers of a relatively low budget Malayalam film claims that VFX in their film will be on par with Baahubali’s!

The film in news is, Malayalam superstar Mammootty’s “0”. Set in the late 17th century, the film’s story revolves around the life of warriors. Despite being made on a considerably low budget when compared to Baahubali, the makers aim to have ‘Baahubali-standard’ VFX. And, to achieve that, they have roped in ‘Baahubali’ VFX supervisor Kamal Kannan.

The senior VFX supervisor, in a recent interview, divulged that he was asked by the team of Mamaankam to develop visual effects on par with Baahubali and that he promised them to do his best with the allocated budget.

Tamil star hero Vijay’s “Puli” was the first film to boast of having better VFX than Baahubali. But, when the film, for which Kamal Kannan worked, finally released, the CGI work was criticized for looking amateurish when compared to the Telugu epic film. Considering this example, its high time filmmakers refrained from comparing their films with Baahubali and making very tall claims. The unwarranted comparison might most probably backfire as ‘Baahubali’ is unrepeatable.