Man Behind Chiru’s Political Entry?

Star Chiranjeevi’s political entry had always been in news for over a while. But according to our highly reliable sources Rajinikanth is the driving force behind Chiru’s political entry. Our sources say, “It’s Rajini’s advice that made Chiru to plunge into politics.” “Even though many were advising Chiranjeevi to enter politics in 2007, 2008 but Tagore star wasn’t completely sure of his political journey and was reluctant to give up No.1 star position” but one day, when Chiru had met Rajini, “Rajini convinced that Chiru can be a star even in politics,” source adds. 
With none other than Superstar Rajini advised him to join political bandwagon, Chiru said to have come to terms with it. “Rajini’s advise played instrumental role in Chiru’s decision. Receiving a positive advice from Rajni was a like a divine message for Chiru and jumped into politics,” adds source. In fact source pointed out Chiru’s admission during the audio launch of Robot as well.
“I thought Rajni will also join politics after me but he is busy doing Robot and i felt like cheated” confessed Chiru at Robot audio function. Although Rajini advised, it’s Chiru who finally made his decision, so we can’t blame Rajini. Perhaps, it’s destiny of Chiru who eventually lost his charisma and stardom after making his political debut.