Man Behind Sampath Nandi out of Gabbar Singh 2


It’s common knowledge by now that director Sampath Nandi is out of Gabbar Singh 2 and he has been replaced with director Bobby. Although many in industry have expressed shock with the development, we hear that there are turn of events behind this whole drama. Apparently, Pawan Kalyan has given ample time for Sampath to come up with an “impressive” subject based on his plot but the director reportedly “failed” to meet Pawan’s expectations. In between Pawan also signed “Gopala Gopala” to “buy” sometime but Sampath couldn’t make it then.

With continuous delays, Pawan is said to be miffed as several rumours, speculations started circulating that the movie has been “shelved”. Pawan decided to go ahead without Sampath and reportedly “sacked” him. It’s cinematographer Jayanan Vincent who suggested Bobby’s name for Pawan. Pawan called on Bobby, both discussed and things went smooth. Pawan was said to be floored with Bobby and decided to zero in on without any delay. Jayanan Vincent, who cranked camera well for Theenmar, Gabbar Singh and Ravi Teja’s Power, shares good bond with both Pawan and Booby and hence he is the man “behind” Bobby bagging the project.