Manager Cries Foul On Priya Varrier’s Rate

On the eve of Valentines Day when everyone is celebrating out there or at least tweeting something related to love, internet’s wink sensation Priya Varrier came up with a different post.

Claiming to be single, she advertised a chips brand through her post and posted a picture where she’s seen eating the brand’s chips. Going by this post on her Instagram account, rumours have started flowing how brands are using the popularity of her and how she’s charging huge, cashing on her popularity. It has come out that she’s charging a whopping 8 lakhs per post.

While the news went viral, her manager is now crying foul that neither the brand endorsements nor her fat paycheque are true. He stated that Kerala is not popular for these types of brand endorsements and Priya is yet to take up those offers. Seems like this is a coverup thing, isn’t it?

Firstly Priya is popular not just in Kerala but across the whole of India and whatever she posts are targeted to infringe whole of youths in all states. And with the likes of Rana (2 million followers) and Tamanna (5.3 million) charging nearly 5 lakhs for a post on Insta, offering 8 lakhs for Priya Varrier is not a big thing.