Manch Lakshmi Satire on the Director !

The flop director Ram Gopal Varma is always known to throw satires and give counters to anyone who opposes his ideologies or questions his thoughts. While he has been very successful in countering all that, he has not been successful in his profession as a movie maker over the past few years.
Now, an interesting incident happened. Ramu who is quite active in Twitter tweeted- You will never learn anything in your life if you surround yourself with people who always agree with u. The line makes very good sense for anyone in any place. But it is the response that came from Lakshmi Manchu which caught the attention of many.
She tweeted her response stating – It goes best for you Ramu Ji. While she added a smiley to her tweet, many are wondering if this is the key reason why Ramu is unable to score any hits in the recent past. Of course, there are those who say it is very hard to influence Ramu but if Lakshmi has said that then there must be some good reason for sure.