Manchu Family is suffering from that Problem !

Speaking about one of the most noted families of the film industry, the Manchu family has also got into limelight over the last decade or so. Given the fact that it has collection king Mohan Babu leading from the front while his children Manchu Vishnu, Manchu Manoj and Lakshmi Manchu are going full-on with their works, this family has increased in its presence.
However, it is heard that the family has been struggling from one big problem and that is migraine headache. Well, sources say the migraine has been turning out to be a teething issue for the Manchu folks. Especially, the elegant celebrity Lakshmi Manchu has been dabbling it on and off.
Friends of the family reveal how Mohan Babu a tough man himself has groomed his children to be tough physically and mentally which has helped them deal with this in a good way. But when such attacks come, they sure cause a good deal of trouble to the Manchu family members.