Manchu Family Moves into New House


Manchu clan has moved into their new posh house in Shamshabad on Friday, Aug 15. Going by sources, Manchus have done a traditional house warming ceremony (Gruha Pravesam) with the assistance of a score of priests. Not many know that Mohan Babu’s elder son Vishnu Manchu has taken care of puja, and he himself has purchased all the items required for puja. Only family members and very close friends were invited for the do. People who have visited the house are raving about house decor, the interior designing and furniture.

For a while, Manchus have been living in Film Nagar and their house has become a landmark in the area. Since it is in heart of the city, Manchus were affected by the traffic woes which compelled them to move into new villa. During the construction work, Vishnu along with his family members stayed in a star hotel in the city.