Manchu family’s short film


Manchu family is no stranger to experiments. The clan, which already hold its sway in acting, production, educational institutions, comes up with making a short film. It’s being directed by none other than the family’s close aide Ram Gopal Varma. For the first time in his 25-year-long film career, Ram Gopal Varma is experimenting through short film.
The 3-minute-long short film features Lakshmi Manchu’s feet through the film and it also has popular cameos of Manchu patriarch Mohan Babu, and Manchu brothers Vishnu and Manoj. Vishnu has a surprise in the film as he will be seen doing somersaults. And it’s been aptly titled as “A day in the life of Lakshmi Manchu’s Feet’. What’s more? The Manchu girl’s newly born Vidya Nirvana Manchu too does a cameo, however, it’s only her feet. Produced by 24 Frames Factory, it is likely to be released online.