Manchu Lakshmi upset with Department flop talk !

Rather promoting a bit positive about her latest flopbuster, the dazzling beauty is seen breathing fire when fans questioned about it. At a recent function, sensuous beauty Lakshmi Prasanna shocked and cursed her fans.
Manchu Lakshmi is seen sparkling at an event recently though there are some shades of disappointment on her face regarding her latest movie. The busty bee went on talking about her like for games and the presence of celebrities in bringing extra craze to the sporting event. But, the hot beauty fumed when she is questioned about her ‘game’, the game of cinema, an insider revealed. Before the release of ‘Department’, Lakshmi was running high on hopes dreaming a fantastic Bollywood debut.
It’s not about this hot chic, no one is talking even about the movie itself. This made LP furious, but she is controlling anger all these days, which at last, fired on an enthusiastic fan for the question. What is she doing before signing the flick rather repenting now !