Manchu Lakshmi’s AP Shocks Heroine

Though she never stepped into the roles of a scorching heroine, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna is always a crowd puller. Say it her charisma, also Attraction Power!
Draped in a skin tight track-pant and a tighter t-shirt, Manchu Lakshmi stood the puller of crowds at a recent public event. Running for a cause, Manchu baby outplayed another happening heroine present at the venue. While a dumbstruck Isha Chawla is looking confused over the episode, people went mad to shake a hand with Lakshmi, say sources.
Her thin frame and busty assets have made onlookers lock their heads without any smallest possible turn, the source added. Not only the school kids at the venue, their mentors too rushed to the spot have a check at this hot-beauty. Well, for now LP is coming up with her own ventures, but not any glam-doll kind of stuff to satisfy her fans a bit more!