Manchu Laxmi does that for Fan’s Health !

Manchu Lakshmi is getting lot of headache these days with post production of her two production ventures reeling her mind like a tsunami. At the same time, she is getting blackmailed by fans too.
Apparently, Lakshmi is heard getting funny requests on her twitter from some hardcore fans. These requests are more like ‘blackmail’ for which our hottie has bent. The other day a fan asked her to ‘retweet’ his posting if she really takes care of him. He went on promising that he will quit smoking if Lakshmi does that. Taken by the request of his fan, the talented lady retweeted the same on her micro blogging site.
Even though she is busy with lot of chores, her concern for followers on social networking sites is something worth mentioning. However, critics are saying that Lakshmi need not take care of all those things, as there are many bigger challenges before her to pursue, both as an actress and producer.