Manchu Laxmi’s prestigious venture in a Palace

The siblings of this family are getting good response among Tollywood lovers, but are not able to mark their foot prints permanently. We are talking about Manchu family actors, Manoj and Lakshmi Prasanna.
They have talent to rock in various roles, but being choosy about their immediate moves is making audience forget about them. Manoj and Lakshmi Prasanna are trying to capture Telugu industry by a storm from a long time. Currently, the brother and sister are arriving with ‘Oo kodataara.. Ulikki padatara’. According to reports, the whole story of this flick revolves around the ‘Chandramukhi’ palace that is revealed to viewers recently. In fact, such palaces got prominence after Rajni’s ‘Chandramukhi’ and partly ‘Arundhati’, and hence the name.
If UKUP too fails to convince the audience, Manoj might get a big blow for his career, while Lakshmi is having few other options. Surprisingly, the brother and sister are investing at large for this project even after biting mud for their over spent projects earlier.