Many are waiting for Rajamouli’s downfall

Have you heard of the old adage? – ‘A Tree Bearing Fruit Gets Pelted With Stones’. The same thing is happening in the case of ace filmmaker S (sure-shot). S (success). Rajamouli. It’s a fact that a considerable number of people are eagerly waiting to witness his downfall. The reason behind this is Rajamouli’s growing popularity and brand value, which is more than that of some of the big stars in the Industry.
“With just one flop, this so called successful director will go back to the position from where he has come from/started. Even, Dasari ruled the roost when he was in his prime. But now, there are no takers for him and he is spending the time catching the flies. History will repeat!,” said a fan of a star hero, who is unhappy with Jakkanna’s domination.
However, Critics says Rajamouli remains unaffected by his detractors. “Life is like a game of snakes and ladders…people will try to pull your legs when you are on top. Only the strong will survive/rule in this cruel world. And Rajamouli is one such person who is capable of delivering the best, despite all odds,” said a film critic.