Maoist target shifts to TRS?

There was a time when the TRS party and Maoists almost allied to rout common enemy, i.e. Telugu Desam Party in 2004 elections. Even Congress allied with them, which led to large scale killings of TDP and BJP cadre in Telangana region by Maoists. It is heard that even now although they were unhappy with the TRS boss KCR they didn’t go against him due to his stature as the one who made Telangana dream a reality. The same KCR once described Maoist agenda as TRS agenda when it comes to governance. 
Now sensing the administration vacuum and slow dissent among downtrodden in North Telangana, Maoist teams are reportedly starting activating their sleeper cells after a long time. It is heard that they are forming action teams and plans to give a jolt to the TRS government. It is in this regard that many of TRS MLAs and ministers have started sensing threat from Maoist leaders and now this is the reason why KCR has decided to have a new fleet of bullet proof cars and other measures. Let us see where this battle leads to.