Marry Anyone But Not A Heroine


Most of the happening Telugu heroes are now crossing the much hyped 30 years of age but not showing interest to tie the knot. And the list is pretty big with many heroes trying to cement their position at box office first and later catering their time for marriage.

For marriage, however some heroes have their own preferences and expectations. The girl should be beautiful, rich and influential are some of the known stuff which came true in both arranged and love marriages of some heroes. Here comes a big star whose family are in search of girls to make him a family man. And here goes their shocker.
Actually, our hero picked a couple of heroines who are pretty close to him and he wants to propose to one of them. That ‘one’, he wants his parents to choose, however. But when he bounced the same to his family members, they said ‘marry anyone but not a heroine’. Despite being in the film industry from a long time, and working with many heroines, why this family has an aversion towards heroines is something very surprising.

Though this talented chap tried to convince them by giving some examples like Nagarjuna and Amala, Mahesh Babu and Namrata, seems his family members seem adamant. So what will our hero do? If he has to obey parents, then wait for the partner they pick up.