Maruthi’s shocking twist to ‘Radha’

Maruthi has finally started his latest project ‘Radha’ featuring family hero Venkatesh in a politician’s role. What stands as a fear among many cine lovers if this director could ever leave his boothu brand and make a movie? Check this story.

Expectations are rife that a decent commercial entertainer is in the offing from Maruthi this time with ‘Radha’. But he has given shocking twist with the title design of the flick. As the style of the title lettering is more close to his past flicks Ee Rojullo and Bus Stop, many feel that even this flick might get stuffed with boothu content. Though Maruthi is having no such bitter thoughts, his title design idea is giving wrong signals for sure.

Earlier, director Teja used to maintain that punch in his titles, as the names of almost all his movies are written with same font. Now Maruthi is also following the same school it seems but those films are not boothu flicks necessarily.