Mass Hero’s Action Image diluted


On one hand Gopichand could be a happy man since his film “Loukyam” is doing well, but the other hand, he has gambled with his hard-earned action image. 

After donning heavy-duty action roles “Ranam”, “Yagnam” and “Lakshyam”, actor Gopichand donned a comic-driven role in his latest “Loukyam” and it would be dent his action image. “He is one of few mass heroes with a limited market but to score a hit, he played a comedy role, to win over his rivals, instead of using his ‘fists’ and that could change his image, its success will bring him more such scripts” says a source. 

So will he bid adieu to action roles and stick to entertain viewers by doing funny roles, since his huge physique doesn’t suit to new image. “It will take time for him to regain his angry young man image” he adds.