Mass Raja losing his Magic

Mass Raja Ravi Teja became the darling of masses with his energetic performances fully loaded with spontaneous mass dialogues, unique mannerisms and breathtaking dances. This got him immense popularity and masses crowned him as Mass Maharaja. However movie lovers and film critics wonder whether Mass Raja is losing his magic. They cite the examples of Veera,Nippu, Daruvu along with special roles in Dongala Mutha and KSD Appalaraju. Even his die hard fans can’t deny that after Mirapakaya he did not have decent hit. His fans wonder what happened to their hero who once won bitter battles with Natasimha Balakrishna.
However most recently many noticed fear in Mass Raja clearly cast on his face. He postponed his recent films Nippu, Daruvu many times and even Devudu Chesina Manushulu which is never heard of in the industry. Movie lovers feel that his last three films bombed at the box office due to his monotonous and routine mannerisms. Even many feel age is catching him up which is visible with the wrinkles on his face. This is also turning out to be his minus as many hot heroines are shying away from singing films with him though he has loads of energy.
Unless until he finds out new ways and re package himself his mass magic will fast wane out. Raviteja hopes that Puri Jagannath’s directed Devudu Chesina Manushulu will recreate the magic of ‘Idiot’ bringing back golden days to him.