Mass Raja’s mysterious Miseries

Mass Raja Raviteja till couple of years back used to rule the root on tollywood silver screen and there was time when even Natasimha Balakrishna used to think twice before releasing his film in competition with him. He even scored a decent hit in ‘Mirapakaya’ and won the praises of movie analysts for his courage and guts to give Harish Shankar second chance after his disastrous debut film Shock. Harish went on to become star director later with Power Star’s ‘Gabbar Singh’. However Mass Raja’s stars deserted him as he tasted two flops with his friend Ram Gopal Varma’s two films KSD Appalaraju and Dongala Mutha. Though he played cameo in one film it affected his image. This reflected in Veera, Nippu and Daruvu.
When everyone expected him to show his guts, his film makers started postponing their releases many times this year denting Raviteja’s image. When the films were released finally they lost their steam and disappeared without even making any noises. The scripts and storylines of all these duds were routine and people became monotonous watching Mass Raja breathing same fire and dialogues coupled with stale comedy. Many feel that Mass Raja’s miseries are due to film makers who are taking him for a ride. Ravi Teja who is good at heart is unable to refuse and for the sake of friendship signing films which other stars wouldn’t have done so. In the process he is putting his stardom at stake. Hope Raviteja take quick corrective measures before it is too late.