Masterstroke : TDP Quits NDA, To Put No Confidence

In what can be a masterstroke from seasoned politician, statesman Chandrababu Naidu after adopting to a step-by-step pressure on NDA, finally TDP has decided to quit NDA completely and decided to move a No Confidence Motion against Narendra Modi government. This is seen as a major blow to NDA which is already struggling with a series of blows including poll drubbing in the recent by elections in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar.

The decision is taken to fight against the gross injustice meted out to AP by the Centre that failed to deliver all its promises made in Parliament in 2014 and subsequently in the poll campaign.

Principal opposition Congress, Left parties CPM, CPI, TMC (Mamata Banerjee) have all come forward to support TDP’s no confidence motion. Thus. TDP scored more brownie points with its climax move that is seen as a huge blow to BJP.

Meanwhile, TDP has also expressed its support to the no confidence motion to be moved by the YSR Congress Party.