May ‘BAD’ Sentiment Behind BAN’s Release?

May is the month which has not at all worked for Mahesh Babu. Be it Brahmotsavam or Nani or Nijam, all these three films of Mahesh released in May have tanked without a trace at the Box Office. With May giving a bad experience to Mahesh and his fans, naturally, Mahesh & his team didn’t want to opt for May release for BAN.

This ‘bad’ sentiment of May has apparently worried producer DVV Danayya who sought to release Mahesh’s Bharat Ane Nenu in April.

When Film Chamber has asked the producers of BAN and NPS to choose the dates from April 20 and May 4, Danayya chose April 20th reportedly requesting the producer of NPS, said sources in the know. This is why BAN is arriving on April 20 and NPS on May 4.

Though Allu Arjun’s team was the first to announce its release in April, they have agreed to give way to Mahesh’s BAN.