Hyd Mayor turns helpless !

Hyderabad’s first Majlis Mayor,young Md. Majid Hussain in his youthful exuberance promised to change the look of the metropolitan city. He even issued a wily warning to all those who are sitting pretty without discharging their duties. He said he finished his honeymoon period during which he gained complete know how on the functioning of each and every department and now he will be showing who is the real Boss!
He said he will be doing surprise visits and will not spare the wrong doers and who are not discharging the duties however big and influential they may be. Knowing MIM’s usage of strong methods to have their way many felt that things are going to change for better.However they were proven wrong as Mayor seems to have accepted defeat even before the war has actually begun.
Instead of getting work done from his staff he threatened to sit on dharna against the careless attitude of his departments. This came as a shocker for many as if Boss can’t make his employees work efficiently, it shows the inability of the boss. Here Mayor while losing his temper showed his weakness.
Mayor fired engineers in the Council meet on the condition of roads. He expressed his displeasure saying how come they be found sleeping even when GHMC commissioner Krishna Babu asked them to get their acts right. He said if this is the condition then even he will be forced to stage a dharna in front of their offices. Wonder what will be the reaction of people on Mayor’s threats.