Mayor’s magic to mesmerise?

Hyderabad had its first Majlis Mayor in young Md. Majid Hussain. His party MIM and he planned to utilise the opportunity to increase its support base and lay a strong foundation for the next general elections. MIM is confined to only old city and the party plans to expand in the heart of Hyderabad so that it can come into reckoning in AP politics. However already six months completed since Majid took reigns but till now nothing drastic happened and with conditions of roads deteriorating and the city getting flooded for even small rains troubles started for him signalling the end of Honey Moon period. Majid seems to have heard the warning bells, as he promised strict action against erring officials. He said during these hibernation period he understood the nitty gritty of his responsibilities and now will show his class and stamp his authority.
He promised to sack erring officials, noting that corrupt officials are increasing at alarming proportions. He is planning to pay surprise visits but many wonder how such visits yield results. Many feel that first he should pay attention to Old City where till now proper ameneties are not provided and muslims for whose cause they boast of championing, live in utter poverty. Once those things are taken care of and corruption is fist contained in their party office everything will fall in place. They say his promise of magic to mesmerise people will not help even with him in possession of ‘Allaudin Magic Lamp’.