Media Scolds Minister, Social Media Scolds Media

In the recent times, almost every social media user and every media house is increasingly turning towards moral policing. And in this process, they are forgetting to watch their own backs. Recently a ‘beer remark’ of a Minister got blown out of proportion and media gave him full meals. But now, media is receiving flak for their meals and here is what social media has to say.

When a Minister stated that “Beer Is A Health Drink”, our popular Media house has created all the possible ruckus about it, calling it as an irresponsible comment by a person in power. And they ridiculed him for calling Beer as a health drink. On some live debates that happened on this beer-ish comment, it turned into a nasty fight too. That’s how our Media house enjoyed by sensationalising the news and scolding the minister.

However, in no time, social media armies have dug deep into some of the old news aired by the same Media House. In those old videos, our Media projected Beer as a Health Drink as said by some foreign researches. And the video went on explaining about the positives of consuming beer and how that could benefit heart. Taking this as evidence, Social Media started blasting our Media for their inaccurate and inconsistent stand on various things in the name of sensationalising news.

Whether Beer is health drink or not, governments are selling it to make good money through taxes and media is selling it through news to get good TRPs. That’s truth.