Media talk about Dammu Movie !

The most waited film ‘Dhammu’ has seen light shaking entire Andhra Pradesh with huge publicity and released in Telugu all over the world.

Now let us see what national media and other popular News Dailies in English say about this film.

Rating: 3.5/5
The movie builds up well in the first half, establishing characters and little subplots. But, in the second half, the action episodes and background score go into overdrive, assaulting your eardrums into submission. You sense a Simha hangover in the way the film plays out but for the only much more gorier direction the portrayal takes as it holds up a brand of factionalism which would have surely made quite a few stomachs turn.

The cinematography and editing are sharp and in tune with the theme of the flick. If you are a fan, you would probably be looking at the bright side.

Rating: 2.5/5
Director Boyapati Seenu’s new film Dammu has an outdated and clichéd storyline, regressive content, and mindless and excessive violence.

NTR has lived up to his hero image by shouldering the burden of this primarily hero-centric film.

Looks like Boyapati Seenu made Dammu exclusively for NTR Jr’s fans. For others it’s an ordeal not worth enduring.

Deccan Chronicle
Rating: 2/5
As the title suggests, Dammu (Valour), is high on action and low on content.

After playing a lover-boy in Ooseravalli, reigning star Jr NTR returns as an angry young man who crushes bones, slits throats and slams opponents to the ground in high-voltage action scenes that will enthrall his fans.

Although Jr NTR puts in a decent performance as a youngster who craves peace in the region, but is forced to take up a sword to protect his zamindar family and the villagers, it would be a bigger miracle if the superstar had managed to convert this contrived plot, with inherent loopholes in the script, into a blockbuster.

Bangalore Mirror: Guts and glitz
Rating: 1/5
The film also has some superb emotional sequences while the interval break leaves you puzzled with a few twists. On the flipside, the narration is packed with too much gore and violence. (Last counted, our hero must have killed at least 50!) Perhaps over-awed by the presence of two heroines Trisha and Karthika, the director has tried to insert a romantic angle and most of the times, it looks artificial. It’s completely tailor-made for NTR and his mass fanbase.

Hindu: A violent mass entertainer
Rating: N/A
There was a time when a film set in a rural background meant feudal wars, a hero trying his best to drill sense into the rival camp and when pushed to the wall, taking up violence to teach his opponents a lesson or two. As an aside, you had more than one heroine to romance the hero. Dammu takes us back by a few decades and treats us to one such story. The film rides high on emotions and violence is thrown in for good measure.

Watch Dammu if you are game for a typical ‘mass’ entertainer where the hero does some thigh-slapping, sings and dances with two heroines, makes you laugh with his comic timing and looks at home in action sequences.

IANS: High on action, low on content
Rating: 2.5/5
After giving two unsuccessful films at the box-office, Jr. NTR’s “Dammu” was expected to turn the tide for the actor, who is known for his fierce dialogue delivery and top class action and dances.

The trailers of the film and the speeches made by NTR and director Sreenu during the audio release function of the film had also aroused lot of expectations but unfortunately the final product does not match the hype created around the release.

NTR plays a larger than life role in “Dammu” and his dynamic performance, action and dialogues are the mainstay of the film. The film boasts of a lot of action, which might not impress the family audiences.

The film lacks engaging comedy elements despite the presence of artists like Brahmanandam and Ali.

The emotional sequences in the second half does not gel with the narration. The two heroines Thrisha and Karthika have lesser scope to perform.

Nasser plays the villain’s role to perfection. Kota, Bharani and Bhanupriya make an impact despite smaller roles.

The film is rich in production values and that is the prime reason for the film’s enhanced quality quotient.

“Dammu” may not be for those who are against too much of action and violence. But if you are a Nandamuri fan, then there are lot of elements in the film that you can enjoy. Perhaps this factor may be the key for the success of the film.