Media turns political battle field

Media and forth estate used to be the strong pillars of democracy and in the olden days people used to have full faith on print and electronic media that when everything fails to do justice, media provides justice turning to be the death knell of all wrong doers in the society. That was the reason why many freedom fighters started their own publications to fire desire for freedom in citizens of the country. However things changed and genex media doesn’t come anywhere near it and in fact totally pales in its comparison.
All top media barons take sides of one political party or the other and fight for the cause of the party rather than for the cause of poor people, development or getting justice. They even twist the facts for their own ends and many have even ceased to fight for justice and true cause. Top media channels and print media like Eenaadu Sakshi, T-News, Andhrajyothi to name a few take sides accordingly rather than go by the facts and truths in a particular problem. Even political parties have realised that media is the best place to wage their petty political battles.
With no one to question with citizens and people in the society more bothered about personal gains than the country, media barons and politicians and political parties are conniving with each other to make huge profits at the expense of common people.