Meena joins Small Screen ‘Aunty Heroines’ List

If a sexy heroine on silver screen quits acting these days, it is not the end of show from her. After entering their ‘aunty’ age, these women are trying luck once again on TVs.
Yesteryear hotties like Roja and Amani are busy enthralling the audiences on small-screen with their spineless game shows. But none of them are having the same old glamour or beauty to make everyone speechless. One such beautiful girl who is still having that glow on her face is now joining them to give a tough fight. She is none other than yesteryear siren Meena.
She is all set to rock small screen with her upcoming reality show ‘Ne Kongu Bangaram Gaanu’. Comparatively, this aunty stands on top both as a glamour-doll and performer than Roja and Amani during those times. We have to now see how Meena will tackle these two boring aunties to bring smiles on the faces of family audience.