Mega Brother Finds Fault With Jagan

Notwithstanding the appeal made by power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan not to drag the controversy further over YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy’s comments against his marital life and close the issue once and for all, there have still been reactions from various quarters.

On Friday, Pawan’s brother from mega family K Nagababu also lashed out at Jaganmohan Reddy for making personal comments against the power star with reference to his married life.

“Jagan has made the comments without any proper understanding about Pawan’s marriages. My brother did not cheat any woman by making false promises. He has married a third woman only after duly divorcing his first two wives as per the law,” he pointed out.

He said taking divorce was something purely a personal issue between a husband and wife.

“Pawan has legally divorced his wives. Neither his first wife nor his second wife Renu Desai had made any complaint or comment against him. There is absolutely no dispute with his marriages. I don’t know why Jagan had to make such comments on Pawan who had followed law,” Nagababu said.

“Why? Are there not any political leaders who are married but having extra-marital affairs?” he asked.

Stating that there was a political agenda behind Jagan’s unsavoury comments against Pawan, Nagababu said the YSRC president had targeted Pawan personally because he had no ability to counter him politically.

“He is feeling insecure and frustrated politically,” the mega brother opined.