Mega Hero gets a new title


Nagababu’s son, the new entrant from the Mega family, Varun Tej’s debut film shoot is going on at a brisk pace. Director Srikanth Addala considered Gollabhama as title for this film. This title has been widely publicized and got mixed reactions from the public. Mega fans are particularly not happy with the title as it is not hero centric.

Gollabhama means grass hopper and not many of the modern day audience know the actual meaning of it. After discussing on title change for many days, the unit has finally decided to go for a new title. Mukunda and Mukunda Murari are the new titles in consideration for this film.

Official announcement about the new title will arrive soon. This is a good move from the makers as having a universally accepted title for a new hero is very important for the prospects of the film. Varun Tej will showcase all his skills in this film that has good drama and romance. There is also some action in it, said sources.