Megastar turns Selfish Star ?

Many wonder why Mega Star Chiranjeevi is keeping quiet inspite of so many developments in State. Recently in a poll survey by NDTV it was predicted that Congress is in for a rout in Andhra Pradesh and even main opposition party TDP will be blanked out completely. TRS and YSRCP will be sweeping their respective regions emerging king makers in the formation of Govt at center.
In the midst of all this, what came as shocker for Chiru is only 6% want him as the CM of AP pouring cold water on his dreams and ambitions. Recently he gave statements on his birthday that people dream of seeing him as CM of the state. This is a shocker for Cong because they sent YS.Jagan packing from Cong, believing Megastar with his stardom will score over Jagan. However Jagan emerged victorious with 48% voters preferring him to be for CM post.
However Megastar is least bothered as his future as MP is safe for another 41/2 years.Many political analysts feel that he has turned Selfish Star and is only interested in achieving his own personal and selfish ambitions. A keen strategist he is, he planned his future perfectly visualizing his rout year back itself. He quickly merged his party with Cong and in turn became Rajya Sabha MP. If his wish of becoming a Union Minister or CM of the state atleast for couple of days his ambition will be fulfilled and his mission would be accomplished.