‘Mega’ tensions for Gabar Singh Director !

Working with a big star is a dream for any director but there are times when such dream projects can also become nightmares for the same director. And that seems to be the case with director Harish Shankar right now. Well, he happens to be the director of the film ‘Gabbar Singh’ starring Pawan Kalyan.
Reports are flowing strongly that there are lots of hopes on ‘Gabbar Singh’. It is heard that both Pawan fans and mega fans are keeping huge stakes of anticipation. The audio also scored an overall hit and this has made the expectations go sky high. So now, the bomb is put under Harish’s seat.
If the film is not upto the expectations, the chances are high that Harish Shankar will not be spared. So, let us wish the film scores success and becomes a blessing for Harish and he gets felicitated with a garland of flowers. The film is being scheduled for a release in Mid May.