Mentality of Movie Lovers needs a Change ?

Mentality of movie lovers is hard to dissect. Many give lectures about the falling standards of tollywood film making and the films that are coming and rave about the creativity of other regions. They cite out the creativity of directors like Shankar, Murugadoss or music directors Ilayaraja, Rahman and Harris Jeyaraj or actors like Dhanush, Surya, Vikram’s penchant for performing unique roles. However when a good film comes in tollywood like Sri Rama Rajyam or message oriented flick ‘Onamalu’ one bother to watch them. Most of them wait for the word of mouth and make list of movies and wait patiently when small screen screen them during festivals or on special occasions, which was not the case in other languages.
When films like Sri Rama Rajyam fail to get awards at film festivals, they find fault with organizers little realizing the fact that organizers and jury awarded Sri Rama Rajyam the best film award in all its functions and it was movie lovers who voted for ‘Dookudu’. So basically movie lovers should realize that fault lies with them rather than with the organizers of the award functions or film makers. Many were surprised to find empty theaters greeting Sri Rama Rajyam shows even when the film makers announced various sops for school students. The same was the case with Onamalu. Unless until movie lovers encourage these kind of films, film makers keep making films keeping in view of B-C class centers where masses watch films repeatedly for their respective heroes.