Midnight Sex Maniacs In Hyderabad

If you belong to the older generation of Hyderabad who has spent your teens in the city during the 80s and 90s you would be a proud man. But today, the situation of the city has changed quite a bit due to the increasing crime rate. So, here is a word of caution to those couples who seek privacy in the dark hours of the night. Places like Sanjeeviah Park, Secret Lake, Gandipet etc should be avoided during the late night. Reliable sources reveal these places have become the hubs for gang rapists. They are dragging girls into the dark, threatening the man and raping her.
These incidents are not actually getting exposed because the victims don’t want to gain negative publicity and media attention. Taking that as an advantage, the criminals are going more aggressive. As such, the police has become alert to nail them but still incidents are happening. Many cases are not getting registered and those who are getting caught are revealing they have done 20 to 30 such incidents.
The cops are doing their job rightly but criminals always find their ways. Drug addicts, drunkards are the most common offenders. Whatever it may be, it is better to return home by about 10 pm if you are going out with your wife or girlfriend. At the same time, better not to venture out to isolated places with them in the hope of some private moments because that might just become a nightmare that you can never forget for the rest of your life.