Milk Bath For RGV BY Nag Fans

The result of king Nagarjuna and RGV’s film Officer is for all to see. It surely is one of the biggest disasters of Nag’s career and the collections too have been the lowest.Nag’s experiment with Varma has boomeranged as he boldly went ahead and did a film without considering the result.

As for Varma, Officer is one other film in the long list of flops that RGV has had in recent years. While this is so, one aspect of Akkineni fans has indeed turned scary.However, prior to the film’s release, Nag had announced that Akhil’s next will be directed by Varma. Nag had also confirmed the news that talks were on between Varma and Akhil.

Naturally, this has become a cause of concern for Akkineni fans. So, to counter their fears, they conducted a milk bath for Varma’s photos, asking him to let go of Akkineni family.Right now, these pictures have gone viral on social media.