Ministers waiting for Jagan’s Signal

Ruling Congress seems to have been under the impression that once Jagan is sent to Jail and by elections ended they can sleep in peace. Now with YSRCP voting in favor of Pranab Mukherjee in presidential elections after Vijayamma met PM Manmohan Singh, Congress leadership at the State felt that some sorts of understanding might have been reached and Jagan will be keeping quite with its bosses asking CBI to dilute cases against him ensuring his release in due course of time.
However it seems there are shockers in store for the state leaders who are very much engaged in fighting with each other for the CM post and tarnishing late CM YSR’s image. Buzz is YSR Chief Jagan is not sitting alone in jail and sleeping peacefully. He is working overtly and covertly and is in touch with more than 12 ministers in state cabinet who will jump to his party the moment he gives green signal. These are the same ministers who were in YSR cabinet and were hand in hand with all the decisions of the earlier govt.
Many may be doing lip service in criticizing late CM YSR and his schemes. They are just waiting for the right opportunity to strike back along with Jagan. With Congress at center keen to keep its no of MP seats intact than number of MLA seats, Kiran Kumar’s CM seat and that of YSR detractors are their permanent posts. Hope they realize this hard fact and KVP’s remarks have more meanings that are hidden at present.