Minor Girl’s Video Captured by Seniors in Hyd School

In a shocking-cum-shameful incident, a group of class 9 students of a private school have secretly captured private video of a second class girl student. The video was taken when the victim went to wash room. The horrific case was registered in Hyderabad. Although the incident came into light a week ago, the school management is yet to figure out the “group of students” involved with it. 
However, media got to know about this only on Monday when parents, relatives of victim thronged to school. School principal, however, says she is “concerned” and going to take “action” against the people who are “involved” in it. Given that the accused are also minors, their names can’t be made public and juvenile acts would be considered. 
All in all, this shameful incident has yet again rang an alarm bell that Hyderabad is not a safe zone. At a time, a spree of such sexual harassments are being reported in IT hub Bangalore, Hyderabad joining this legion is worrying many. Parents of girl students demanding a stern action against the accused.