Missing mesmerising melodies Telugu Films ?

Movie lovers of yesteryear were treated to some delightful unforgettable music and many hit songs of 60s-80s still sooth and assuage the feelings of many when they are down and depressed and look for inspiration or cool their tempers when they are red with rage. Whether it is patriotic songs like ‘Telugu Veera Levara’, ‘Naa Janma Bhumi’, ‘Punya Bhumi Na Desam’ or inspirational songs ‘Krushi Unte’, ‘Kala Kaanidi’, ‘Lechindi Mahila Lokam’ or romantic songs ‘Naa Hryudayam lo’, ‘Nannu Dochukunduvate’, ‘Eto Velli Poindi manasu’, ‘Chupulu Kalasina’ no one can forget them, and when they are played people cutting across all age groups are drawn towards them however hard they try to oppose them. Many may be surprised to know that the song ‘Kala Kaanidi’ changed the minds of many who thought of ending their lives committing suicide. They later became highly successful in life.
In present generation though we have many successful music directors movie lovers are aghast that evergreen hits are not coming from their instruments. Barring Ilayaraja and AR.Rahman who came with ‘Vandemataram’, hits can be counted on fingers unlike yesteryears where innumerable hits were present. Mass beats like ‘Aa Ante Amalapuram’, ‘Poove Poove’ or ‘Kevvu Keka’ may give the required kick and entertainment for 3-4 minutes during that time. But when another mass number comes, it will take back seat. Music lovers hope things will change for better in the coming days.