MLA Doing A Jawaan Like Mistake!!

Long back we’ve discussed the aspect of promoting a film in the right direction. That means one has to promote the film in relevance to its content rather than promising something on posters and showing something else inside the movie.

In the recent times, Sai Dharam Tej’s Jawaan did a similar mistake. The movie has reasonably good content which deals with loyalty towards country and title was picked accordingly. But the makers showed a lot of romantic chemistry between Sai Dharam and Mehreen on the posters rather sticking to the concept of the film. And that misfired big time in theatres, becoming one of the causes for the film to bomb.

Now, the title MLA sounds like a political thing and makers abbreviated it as “Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi”. And then there is Kajal’s glamour all over the posters as a crowd puller. Naturally, that gives completely different outlook about the movie and that is what happened in theatres today. The film has complete routine masala content akin to the title and the glamour on posters is limited to a couple of songs only.

At least the latest set of publicity stints should reflect the real theme and subject of the movie for it to grab some attention. Let’s see what the makers will do.