MLA’s & Minsiters Disappointed but not Chiru !

All of a sudden, heat has shifted to Delhi to discuss about AP politics. Already, few Congress biggies have met their bosses in the last couple of days. When the turn came to ministers and MPs, the attitude of Delhi is changed.
Six AP ministers including Anam, Jana Reddy, Sudarshan Reddy, Sarayya, Raghuveera Reddy and Sridhar Babu are waiting in Delhi from the last two days to get appointment of Sonia. Shockingly Chiru is asked to come to Delhi on Wednesday, but Ministers are still not given an entry to meet their boss. Reportedly, Chiru is going to meet Pranabh, Chidambaram and Sonia by today evening to discuss about by-poll and other situations. Already, a rumour started doing rounds that Chiru is being considered for CM post for the next two years. One should wait for the evening to know the outcomes of Chiru’s meet.
Coming to point, many MLAs, MPs and Ministers are disappointed with the way they are getting treated by high-command. They are asking why Chiru is getting such a huge importance though he is very junior to them politics. Analysts say that before merging with Congress, Chiru is president of a party like what Sonia is to Congress and hence the importance.