Mobile App Behind BJP’s Failure in K’taka

Apparently, one mobile application (App) was behind the BJP’s historic failure in Karnataka. As per the reports, this mobile app – call recorder app – has played crucial role in capturing the audio tapes of BJP leaders offering bribe to opposition MLAs to switch sides to support Yeddyurappa.

Going into details, when Congress and JD(S) MLAs were housed in resort, the party said to have taken all their mobiles first and secretly installed this call recording app and handed over the mobiles to the respective MLAs. That’s when the big drama unfolded as many BJP leaders tried to reach out to the Congress and JD(S) MLAs and a few Congress MLAs too reportedly tried to get in touch with BJP leaders.

With solid proofs of audio conversations, Congress dropped the bombshell by leaking the tapes to media channels. This timely act of Congress has acted as a big shock to BJP who was already breaking its head on how to muster the desired numbers to sustain the government.

On one hand, BJP leaders claimed that it had support of 120 MLAs including 2 independents, on the other hand, it went onto lure the legislatures from Congress and JD(S) combine.

Be it Gali Janardhan Reddy or Sriramulu’s phone calls to Congress and JD(S) leaders or the phone conversations of Prakash Javadekar, Yeddyurappa and Muralidhara Rao, the call recordings between BJP’s senior leaders and the legislatures of Congress and JD(S) that were released by the Congress leaders have come as a huge shocker. This has damaged the image of the BJP – across the nation – to the core.

Alerted with this, apparently top leadership of RSS has directed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to leave the Karnataka immediately as it would cause more damage in the long run especially ahead of 2019 polls. With serious orders from RSS, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah said to have asked Yeddyurappa whether he got the desired numbers to sustain the government when Yeddyurappa had admitted he couldn’t, they had told him to resign even before the Floor Test. That’s what followed by Yeddyurappa.

Thus, a mobile application used by the Congress has led to the BJP’s failure in Karnataka.