When Modi was CM, Did He Put Pics of Manmohan, Sonia?

When Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, did he put the pictures of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi?” asked AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who responded to the allegations of BJP leaders who questioned Naidu for not using Narendra Modi’s pictures.

From longtime, BJP leaders are crying foul over AP state government for not publicizing Narendra Modi. The constant allegation from is that the Modi’s pics were not used for Central Government schemes. Chandrababu’s smart retort to Modi and BJP left them in shock as even Modi didn’t use then PM’s pictures for the Central government schemes in Gujarat state.

In fact, BJP is first upset with TDP over Modi’s pics not being used in the state, central government schemes in the new state of AP. Since Chandrababu firmly believes that the system is bigger than individuals, he has ignored the requests of BJP leaders.

This created a friction between BJP and TDP that subsequently led to stopping all the funds, beneficiaries to AP by the Centre resulting in TDP quitting NDA and moving no-confidence motion against Modi government.