‘Modi is Jealous of & Angry With Babu’

JC Diwakar Reddy, the senior parliament member of Telugu Desham Party is back at it again! Known for his bold and sensational comments while speaking to media, the Rayalaseema MP never hesitates to put forward what he intends to.

Reacting to the latest reiteration by Union Finance Ministry on special status demand, Diwakar Reddy expressed disappointment over Modi’s governance. On Tuesday, JC said – ‘Modi and BJP government have developed some sort of anger, jealous and enviousness on CM Chandrababu Naidu, but I’m not sure about right reasons why they developed them on him. But, personally I feel Chandrababu is a mastermind and because of his leadership qualities, Modi is scared that Babu can anytime emerge as right contender to his PM post.’

With the latest developments in Centre, Modi is no more enjoying the popularity of majority in Andhra Pradesh and on other hand, KCR sparked the third front debate. Now, JC hinting Chandrababu as right man to lead nation gives out a notion that TDP too is no mood to leave the opportunity of leading ‘Third Front’.

Also, Chandrababu has decided to break partnership with BJP in the Centre as he advised his Ministers in central cabinet to quit for the AP special category status demand.