Modi Ji : Only Ashvamedham! What About Rama Rajyam?

Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister (successor to Manmohan Singh), Modi has been a ‘political’ prime minister than a ‘governing’ prime minister, opine many political analysts. If one closely observes Modi’s moves, plans, there is a political motive behind each and everyone of his acts.

Be it Demonetisation (a move brought in force ahead of UP elections) or GST (an attempt to reduce the revenues of a State thus making the states to depend more on the Centre) or any other decision of him or his council of ministers seem to be purely political.

Unveiling of banking scams such as Nirav Modi and others indicate Modi government failed to protect the wealth of common people. Even Modi failed to keep up his promise of bringing back all the black money that is stashed abroad. All his schemes such as Swachh Bharat, Make In India remained as slogans without yielding desired results.

Veering towards South, the huge mess unveiled in Tamil Nadu, the aftermath of Jayalalithaa’s demise, is a sound proof of BJP’s continuous effort to gain strength in Dravidian states – called as Operation Ravana under Operation Dravida. Now the Operation Garuda, a masterplan to capture Andhra Pradesh, by bringing down Chandrababu Naidu-led TDP government hook or crook, clearly indicates the Modi’s monarchial plans to conquer the South.

This is nothing but Ashvamedham (Ashvamedha is followed by ancient Indian kings to prove their imperial sovereignty. Its objective was the acquisition of power and glory, the sovereignty over neighbouring provinces). The moot question is where is the Rama Rajya (Ideal Governance) that has been promised by Modi during the poll promises? Modi Ji, all one can see in your government is only Ashvamedham. But what about the Rama Rajyam?