Modi Is My Junior In Politics: Chandrababu

“Modi is not my senior in politics. I am his senior,” claimed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Babu made this comments at the Gnanabheri program yesterday in Krishna district.

“I had entered politics way back in 1977. I became the Chief Minister in 1995 whereas Modi became Gujarat’s CM only in 2002. This should prove who is senior to who. I am Modi’s senior and not the other way around” said Chandrababu.

Lashing out at Modi, Chandrababu said that the PM had made several promises to Andhra Pradesh with Lord Balaji as the witness in Tirupati in 2014. “I had joined hands with the BJP for the future of Andhra Pradesh people. But the BJP has deceived us by not honouring the 19 promises made in the State Reorganisation Act, said the CM.

Babu went on to say that Andhra Pradesh has made a double digit progress even though Modi’s NDA did not extend any kind of support. “It’s ridiculous to criticize us when they failed to keep their promises,” Babu quipped.