Modi’s flop show in Andhra Pradesh?

Everybody would have thought, that only Muslims who count to nearly 1 crore population in twin states, would negate Modi, but unfortunately, the PM-candidate has no takers among Reddy’s, Kapu, Kamma and even BC’s, to puncture his so-called wave. Despite, Mr. Narendra Modi taking the nation by storm but unfortunately his ‘wave’ hasn’t impacted Andhra Pradesh much, which elects 42 MP’s for the Parliament and the bleak scenario doesn’t augur well for the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Even though, he diluted his image of Hindutva mascot (90 laksh minority population in the state) and riding on ‘development’ plank, but still hasn’t connected with Telugu communities. Has he arrived at a wrong time, since the bifurcation, has thrown up more indigenous leaders and Modi is lost to leaders like KCR, KIran Kumar and Jagan Mohan Reddy, Ponnala or his first meeting failed to set the agenda as it turned out to be a tame affair (remembered for his praising legendary NTR and his meeting film stars like Balakrishna and Mohan Babu’s family which doesn’t help his cause) or Andhra is unaware of Gujarat development model, since it’s a far-of state, geographically.

When leaders like Pawan, Bhishonoi and Raj Thackeray, Vijakanth and Ramadoss are rushing to join hands with him, mesmerized by the euphoria, around his meteoric rise, but Telugu Desam strongman is not playing the ball since the shrewed ex-Chief Minister knows that Modi wave doesn’t exist at in AP. (Unlike in 1999 when Vajpayee wave was felt and helped Telugu Desam to return to power). Of course, Chandrababu is disappointed with Modi for not able to ‘halt’ the bifurcation in Parliament, so now, ex Chief Minister wants BJP to calm down and listen to his terms since BJP has take few seats home, counting on Telugu Desam campaign and not the other way round. Surely, BJP can spring one or two surprises in Telangana, since they have been supporting the demand, but 25-odd seats in Seemandhra, are a distant dream for Modi’s team, without Telugu Desam’s support.

It is noted that Modi is able to swing voters even in UP, over three strong parties like BSP, Samajwadi and Congress, but Modi needs lots of support in Andhra. He is also wooing superstar Pawan to join or support his party, since only such a ‘grand alliance’ will help Modi brand. If they have to go it alone, Modi may not be willing to show his face in AP, leave alone winning more seats from the two states.